The following series of short videos provides an overview of the features and functionality available to teachers in MEETS.

For the complete manual, please view the CirQlive MEETS Teacher Manual

1. MEETS Setup and Configuration Instructions

1.1. Accessing the "Accounts Settings" page (0:46)

1.2.(a). Configuring your Web Conferencing credentials in MEETS (1:05) 

= > For Webex, GoToMeeting, GoToTraining and GoToWebinar accounts using Username and Password for authentication

1.2.(b). Syncing your Webex credentials in MEETS (with SSO) (0:40)

=> For Webex accounts using Single Sign-On (SSO) for authentication

1.2.(c). Syncing your Zoom credentials in MEETS (0:37)

=> For Zoom accounts

1.3. Setting Up Email Reminders (1:07)

1.4. Synchronizing MEETS with your Personal Calendar (0:55)

1.5. Time Zone Settings (0:38)

2. Using MEETS for Online Events

2.1. MEETS Landing Page Overview (2:15)

2.2. The MEETS Scheduler (0:47)

2.3. Upcoming Web Conferencing Events - Logging Into The Sessions (0:41)

2.4. Additional Event Options (0:49)

3. Additional Modules and Features in MEETS

3.1. Appointment Booking in MEETS (2:02)

3.2. Viewing Recorded Events (0:28)

3.3. Accessing Attendance Records (0:43)