The MEETS Scheduler allows you to schedule upcoming web conferencing events.

You can choose to schedule via the "Quick Launch" button or via the "Schedule" button for more elaborate scheduling options.

The Event Calendar tab, with the "Quick Launch" and the "Schedule" button :

Quick Launch:

The Quick Launch option will by default take the name of the course with the suffix of "Quick Launched Event, and give you a choice for the even duration.


When scheduling via the "Schedule" button, you can choose to schedule a single event, or choose "Daily" or "Weekly" for repeated events.


Expert Tips for Teachers:
1) MEETS will choose the course name as the default name of your session to facilitate quick scheduling. You may also manually enter the name of your choice for the session with a unique topic for this course, facilitating locating this session in the recording and attendance section.
2) Description: While you do not need to enter a description, it can help organizationally. You can also edit the description as you wish after the session is over.

Expert Tips for Administrators:
The MEETS scheduler allows administrators to schedule web conferencing events on behalf of teachers. To do so, click on the drop down arrow in the "Hosted By" field, and choose the teacher for whom you wish to schedule. This allows for administrators to easily manage class sessions and provide administrative support for teachers.

For scheduling repeated events, selecting Daily will select all weekdays by default, while selecting Weekly, will only select the current weekday. You can select/unselect the weekdays for which this event should be repeated. 


Next, select the time for the event, the begin and end date for this series of events, and the duration. If necessary, select the preferred option for "Hosted By" (see above) and "Conferencing Account", and click "Save".

This will schedule a series of repeated events, which can be useful for scheduling an entire semester in a few clicks. 


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