MEETS allows setting up personalization options for users. In order to access your personalization options, select Account Settings, and Personalization on the left-hand panel.

Configure Language: Set the default language for MEETS. You can also choose to use the default language set by the site administration. Supported languages include English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German and Dutch 

Configure Theme: Choose the preferred theme for MEETS.

  • Contour (left image - click to enlarge)
  • Smooth (right image - click to enlarge)

Configure Time Zones: Time Zone settings allows you to set up your preferred time zones when using MEETS.

You can choose additional time zone to facilitate viewing the time of the sessions in multiple zones, useful when traveling or seeing what the students see when teaching students from a different time zone.

Were you to choose multiple time zones, here is what the screen would look like:

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