Scheduled web conferencing events will appear in the calendar view. 

To access event options, press on the event name or the "+" sign to the left of the event name in the calendar view. 

The following options are available:

  • "Host/Prepare" button to launch upcoming events 
  • Edit an event (icon ): For future events one can edit the time, the name and the description. For past events, editing enables editing the event's description, useful for describing what was discussed in a past event. Students can view this information next to event recordings, or by reviewing past events in the event calendar.
  • Access the attendance list for past events (theicon)
  • Delete an event or entire series of events (theicon ). When deleting a series, the platform will first display the events in the series, enabling one to choose the events to be deleted and those to keep.
  • Click "More Details" to get the meeting number and more data. (In Webex, one can also get the host key, and pending on the service, one can also get the dial-in numbers and SIP URIs to dial into the session)
  • Invite Guests (  theicon ): The Invite Guests option allows Instructors to generate a shareable link, which can be useful for inviting external guests to events and sharing a link to past events' recordings. Shareable links can also be used for linking to events from inside another course-specific resource. When generating links, Instructors can include a link to join each event, and/or view its recordings, and also specify when they will expire.
    For more information about creating shareable links, please view Generating Meeting/Recording Links in MEETS by Instructors.

Clicking on "More Details" will show all available event information. Depending on your organization's setup, this may include the session ID, the session password, the host key (enabling hosts to reclaim hosts rights during eventsdisplayed for hosts only), video address and available dial-in numbers. This screen will also display post-event recordings.

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