Viewing  recordings:

MEETS allows you to easily access recorded events, if your web conferencing plan allows for cloud recording (excluding  GoToWebinar that does not yet support recording integration).

To access your course's recordings, click on "Event Recordings". You can view the recording link for the event of your choice by clicking the "View Recordings" button.

Pressing on the name of the session will open a window with the session information.

Click "Event Recordings" and then on "View Recordings" to access the recording:

Deleting recordings:

To delete the recording, press the "eraser" icon to the left of the recording.

Sharing recordings:

  1. Getting a guest link to share the recordings with users outside of the MEETS integration:

The links to the recordings in the MEETS integration platform are accessible only when joining via the MEETS platform.

A teacher can share the recordings with users outside of the MEETS platform by getting a guest invite link.

To do so, go to the Event Calendar tab, press on the event name or the "+" sign to the left of the event name in the calendar view. 

Invite Guests (  theicon ): The Invite Guests option allows Instructors to generate a shareable link, which can be useful for sharing a link to past events' recordings. Instructors can also specify when they will expire. For more information about creating shareable links, please view Generating Meeting/Recording Links in MEETS by Instructors.

    2. Sharing a recording from one course to another course within the LMS (useful for sharing a recording  across courses as well as from past courses to present courses).

Please see the instructions for that here:

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