You can access attendance records for past events in a course, by clicking on "Event Attendance" and selecting the "View Attendance List" button next to the event of your choice.

The attendance information includes:

  • Staff can see the attendance information tracked by the conferencing service provider (if the service provides that information).
  • Staff can see when users tried joining sessions via MEETS. 
    • This allows the staff to confirm a student’s claim that they tried to attend a class, but were encountering an issue from the conferencing service provider.
    • Internal attendance can be more accurate than conferencing service attendance, as it will identify each user correctly, whereas some conferencing systems allow users to use a different name than their official one.
  • Attendance also includes information regarding recording viewership. Staff can determine what recordings were accessed, by whom, and when.
  • Improving access and playback troubleshooting, as staff can get information regarding how the user tried joining/viewing, and which browser software they were using.
  • All course viewership data can be exported to CSV, which can be used by popular spreadsheet software:
    • Some compatible applications:
      • Apache OpenOffice Calc
      • Calligra Sheets, formerly KSpread. Use Data -> Encoding: Unicode (UTF-16), Format -> Delimiter: Tabulator, Format -> Textquota: "
      • Gnumeric
      • LibreOffice Calc
      • Microsoft Excel

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