Sessions can be shared across courses. 

When sharing sessions, the login to join the sessions appears across all the shared courses. The attendance and recordings are accessed across all the share courses as well.

This can be useful for:

  • Sharing future sessions enabling one to join the sessions from all the courses the session is shared across 
  • Sharing past sessions which essentially is sharing the recordings. As such, one can share recording from one course to another as well as from previous terms with the present term.

Sharing the Sessions:

To share the sessions, the teacher or admin  go to the "more info" button of the session(1), and click on the share icon(2)

Choose the course you wish to share the sessions with, and click the "Share" button (1).

Note: When you share a session with another course, you must be a teacher or admin in that course as well.

If you do not see the course on the list, go to that course, and log in to MEETS. That will register you on that course.

Note: When sharing a series of sessions, you will have the option of sharing a specific session or the entire series.

Unsharing Shared Sessions:

Click the "Unshare" Button (2).

Note: When a session is shared with multiple courses, the session is of equal status on each of the courses, and as such, when one unshares the session from a different course, the session will cease to appear in that course  even if it's the course the session was originally scheduled in.

For example, if a session is scheduled in course A, and then shared with course B, if one were to go to the sharing section of the session in course B, and unshare with course A, the session would stay in course B, and disappear from course A, even though the session originated in course A. 

Editing a Session:

If one is a teacher in all of the courses the session was shared with, the session can be edited directly from any of those courses, and the edit will affect all the other courses this session is shared in. 

If an admin shared a session with a course where the teacher of the session is not a teacher in that course, the session cannot be edited directly in that course.

Example: Teacher X is a teacher in course A but not in course B. A session was scheduled with teacher X's account in course A. The admin shared the session with course B, where teacher X as above, is not a teacher. The admin and teacher can edit that session in course A which will affect the session in course B of course. However, one cannot edit the session directly from course B, as teacher X is not a teacher in course B.

Note: when one goes to edit a session that has been shared, they will get a warning window that the editing will affect all the shared sessions.

Deleting a Session:

When deleting a session that is shared across multiple courses, one is given the option to delete the session in this course only, as well as the option to delete the session across all the courses it is shared in.

Therefore, if one wishes to delete a shared session from a specific course but not from other courses it is shared with, one should either unshare the session from that course or one can go to that course and delete in that course only.

Example: A session is shared across courses  A, B and C. One wishes to delete it from course B. One can either go to courses A or C, and unshare the session from course B, or one can go to course B and delete the session in that course only.

Notes: When deleting a shared session that it part of a series, one is given the option to delete this session only, the sessions in the series from now and on, or the entire series. 

When one deletes a session that is shared across other courses, a window will open telling them which courses this session is shared with as long as they have teacher/admin permissions in the other courses. If they do not have those permissions, they will be told that this session appears in other courses without the names of the courses.

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