The "Appointment Booking" tab enables you to utilize your web conferencing service for online private meetings.

A teacher can offer available slots in his calendar, while choosing the standard duration of a slot, and possible breaks between slots.

Students can view available slots in the teacher's calendar, and reserve an online appointment. Scheduled appointments will appear in green, reserving the requested time, and preventing other students from choosing the same time slot.

Upcoming appointments and the buttons to join the appointments will appear in the left-hand column. Teachers can also use the calendar to scroll through their online appointments, and click on the scheduled appointments for more information.

Expert Tips for Teachers:
  • Blocks scheduled by the teacher are available for all the courses that the teacher has in the LMS. This allows the teacher to effectively manage office hours across all the courses they teach.
  • The Appointment Booking module can be used for office hours, tutoring, counselling and other private meeting options.


Here are the steps for setting up the appointment slots:

1) Click on "Offer Slots":

2) Select your preferences for the slots, including time, date, slot duration and breaks between slots. You can also choose whether to make this appointment booking block available in all courses, or just in this course.

3) You will see the block of the time slots you created in yellow. Students can book slots within this block, or you can choose to book a slot on behalf of a student by selecting the slot in the calendar and selecting the student for which to reserve for in the dropdown. Teachers also have the ability to cancel slots on behalf of students. Whether students are allowed to book slots themselves is set by your MEETS site administration. 

4) You will see the block of the time slots you created in yellow, and the slots that the students reserved in green. Clicking on the green block will display the student information for that block including the name of the student and the information the student wishes to cover. Upcoming appointments will be listed in the left-hand column.

5) Student view: A teacher's available slots are displayed in yellow. If there are more than one teacher in the course, students can choose the teacher they wish to schedule an appointment with by using the dropdown menu. To reserve an appointment, students can click on an available slot, and enter the title and information for the meeting. Scheduled appointments appear in green. Upcoming appointments are displayed in the left-hand column.

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