Teachers may need to host an event using an account which is associated with another user. 

One of the following options would allow using another user's account when needed:

  1. If you use a username and password for accessing your web conferencing service, you can assign the account's username and password to the teacher in the MEETS account settings. This will allow the teacher to use that web conferencing account when scheduling an event. Note, that two users will not be able to host an event with one account at the same time.
  2. A teacher in a course can use another teacher's account by substituting for that teacher in the same course. 

This is contingent on setting the MEETS admin permissions to allow a teacher to substitute on behalf of another teacher, as can be seen here: https://cirqlive.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/8000047812-advanced-settings-meets-user-permissions

When scheduling, schedule with another teacher's account that has a web conferencing account associated with it.

Please note that the options of whether only an admin can schedule on behalf of another teacher, or whether a teacher can as well, depends on the setting in the link above of "Allow instructors with the ability to substitute to also schedule events on behalf of others ". If this setting is off, only the admins can schedule the sessions. If on, then any teacher in the course can schedule on behalf of another teacher.

Once the session is scheduled, another teacher can host the event by substituting for the teacher for which the event was scheduled, by clicking the Substitute (as host) button in the Event Calendar. 

Note, that in this case, the teacher will be using the original teacher's account for hosting the event.