The Admin Panel allows you to configure various user permissions and turn modules on/off for each MEETS instance.

Click the cogwheel iconto edit the settings for an existing MEETS instance.

You can select the following permissions and modules:

Allow instructors to substitute for others by joining conferencing events as the host

Allow instructors with the ability to substitute to also schedule events on behalf of others

Allow students to use their own conferencing accounts to schedule events - disabled by default (Student Collaboration Module)

Enable course-wide events, disabling this option will disable the main event calendar and event scheduling, enabling offering connections only for older recordings or solely for appointment booking

Enable users to offer and book appointments (Appointment Booking Module)

Enable students to book their own appointments (Appointment Booking Module) 

Enable users to access cloud recordings of web conferencing events from within the LMS

 Disable student access to cloud recordings of web conferencing events from within the LMS 

Enable users to access the file management platform (if your institution has opted to store files on the CirQlive Cloud)

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