Administrators may want to remove users from a MEETS course.

To elaborate: When a student or teacher that has been removed from the course in the LMS, may still appear in the MEETS page of that course. 

The user cannot access MEETS once being removed from the course, as the access to MEETS is done via the course page.

However, there may be 2 reasons to want to remove them:

  1. If this user has signed up for getting reminders or updates, they will get updates for this course as long as MEETS recognizes them as part of the course. 
  2. Teachers who are part of the course will appear in the Appointment Booking section, and as an option to schedule for on the scheduler.

Important note: If a user has been removed, they can easily rejoin when given access to the course page in the LMS. When they click the MEETS button from the course page, they will be rejoined to the MEETS page of that course.

Only administrators can remove users from MEETS. If the administrator wishes to remove themselves as well as others, they should remove other users from the list and then remove themselves.

Teachers can see the list of users in the course, but are not able to remove users.

In order to remove a user, click the "Users list" tab in MEETS.

This will display the list of users for this MEETS course. You can remove a user from the course using the eraser symbol which appears to the right of the user in the list.

You can also sort the list of users using the header row. This allows you to sort the list of users in order to make it easier to find a user in the list.