The user list, available to teachers and admins in the course, displays the users who are registered on the MEETS platform in this course. To view the user list, click on the "User List" tab in the MEETS platform. 

The list will display the user's MEETS ID, name, email and role in the course. One can sort the list of users using the header row, facilitating finding a user in the list.

1) Adding users to MEETS.

There are 2 ways for users to be registered in the MEETS platform. 

a) By the users logging in to the MEETS platform. When they enter the MEETS platform, they are automatically registered in the platform.

b) By syncing the MEETS user list with the course roster. This option is available only for LMSs using LTI configurations that MEETS supports, and contingent on the LMS admin enabling course roster sync. If this feature is active, a button with the wording of "Synchronize with user list" will be available on the top left of the user list page.

The first time the MEETS platform is used in a course, the MEETS user list will automatically sync with the course roster. From then on, the teacher or admin can press the "Synchronize with user list" button to sync. Syncing with the course roster will add newly added users in the course, as well as delete users who have left the course, since the last sync.

2. Removing users from MEETS.

A student or teacher that has been removed from the course in the LMS, may still appear in the MEETS platform of that course. Though access to MEETS via the course page is no longer possible for those users, removing users assures that those removed from the course, will no longer be getting updates or reminders regarding that course from the MEETS platform. It will also assure that that user is not present in the appointment booking user list.

If the syncing feature is available, then as above in 1b, syncing will remove the users who have left the course.

Removing users can also be done manually. Admins have the permission to remove a user from the course, by pressing on the "eraser" button.

As only administrators can remove users from MEETS, if the administrator wishes to remove themselves as well as others, they should remove other users from the list and then remove themselves. 

Teachers can see the list of users in the course, but are not able to remove users. However, they are able to sync. 

Important note: If a user has been removed, but is still a member of the course, when they click the MEETS button from the course page they will be rejoined to the MEETS page of that course.

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