MEETS enables you to schedule web conferencing events within your LMS course page. Scheduled events will appear on the MEETS Event Calendar page, and allow students and teachers to login to an upcoming session.

Starting 15 minutes before the session, instructors have a “Host” button taking them into the sessions as organizers. Students have “Join” buttons taking them into sessions as attendees.

Over 15 minutes before the session, students cannot log in, and instructors have a button that reads "Prepare", enabling them to log in early to the session.

Expert Tips for Teachers:
  • Please note that though the instructor can launch the session in advance  with the "Prepare" button to prepare for the session, if one closes the session, all that was loaded gets deleted. If you wish to prepare in advance, make sure to keep the session on.
  • Instructors can click the "+" sign (next to the name of the event on the event calendar page) to edit scheduled sessions, send out guest invites and view session details.

  • Teachers can view the page as a student by clicking on “Student View” in the top menu bar. This will make the "Join" button appear instead of the teacher's original "Host" button.

Expert Tips for Administrators:
Substituting for the teacher - If a teacher needs to be substituted for, a different teacher registered in that course or an admin can log into MEETS, and instead of the "Host" button, they will see a "Substitute" button. Clicking the "Substitute " button will enable them to launch the session on behalf of the teacher using the teacher's account. To enable this option, the substitute option must be enabled in the MEETS admin section, as in the administrator manual.

Instructor view:  

Student view:


If you use GoToWebinar, a window opens requiring instructors to enter their GoToWebinar username and password. Please see GoToWebinar Appendix for more information. Students login to the session as usual with one click.

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