The following image provides an overview of the main MEETS page. Users will be taken to this page when they access MEETS.

  1. Set your time zone. You can set multiple time zones as well (useful when traveling or when you have students across time zones).

  2. Click to see the Event Calendar of the upcoming web conferencing sessions.
  3. Schedule and view the Appointment Booking module, useful for virtual office hours and more.

  4. Click to view MEETS as a student. This allows teachers to view the MEETS interface as a student, and also join events as students. However, it won't allow scheduling an appointment with themselves as a student. Clicking it again will return to teacher view.

  5. If your web conferencing service supports cloud recordings, click to view the recordings of past sessions.

  6. Click to view the session attendance records. You can also download the data as a CSV file.

  7. If your MEETS platform supports the option to upload files, click here to access or upload files to MEETS.

  8. If your organization has Webex Teams, click here to Sync your course with Webex Teams.

  9. Select date or scroll through calendar.

  10. Schedule events. For an ad hoc meeting, click “Quick Launch”. For regular scheduling, click “Schedule”.

  11. View and configure Account Settings.

  12. Select Day/Week/Agenda calendar view.

  13. View and launch upcoming events.

  14. Click the "+" sign to edit scheduled sessions, send out guest invites and view more meeting details such as the meeting number. (In Webex, pending on the Webex service package one can also get the dial-in numbers, SIP numbers and host key).

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