Using its unique integration architecture, CirQlive MEETS allows integrating web conferencing services with management systems which do not support the LTI protocol. This includes many Learning Management Systems, Talent Management Systems (TMSs) and Human Resources (HR) Management Software such as Google Classrooms, SAP Successfactors, Sumtotal, Saba, Cornerstone Ondemand, and more.

Each non-LTI MEETS connection allows creating one or multiple contexts. A context groups together a series of events and the users that are allowed to access them. Typically a context is used as a course, which can then contain individual classes. However, contexts can be used for any needed grouping such as events and users for a particular team, department, region, study group, and so on.

You can create multiple connections and contexts, or even create multiple links for a context with different permissions. This allows setting different user permissions, depending on what MEETS link the user is accessing, or where the user is accessing this link from.

The following are use cases and examples where different permissions may be useful:

  • Disallow new users, keep existing users as is: A link that you can put anywhere to allow users to join this context according to their existing permissions. 
  • New users as student, keep existing users as is: A link which can be used on a course page. You can enable some referrer enforcement if you're concerned about users sharing links with others. You can create/promote the teachers manually, while allowing the students to join. 
  • New user as teacher, existing user as teacher: A link which can  be user where only teachers can access it. Teachers can sign up here, or receive teacher rights themselves as necessary.