Your organization has integrated Zoom into the LMS using the CirQlive MEETS Zoom integration platform to make your online education efficient and easy to use from within your LMS course page.

For the integration to work, the emails in Zoom accounts of the teachers must match the teacher's email in the LMS.

There is another important criteria for the integration to work, that the teacher's Zoom account must be part of the main Zoom account.

In other words, in your organization's main Zoom admin account, are the list of users that belong to that account. All the teacher's account must be in that list.

If some of your teachers already created  Zoom accounts on their own, using the email that they use in the LMS, their Zoom account is an independent account and is not connected to the main Zoom account.

To have them connect their private accounts to the main organization account:

1) Create a Zoom account for your teacher using the LMS email in the user section of the main Zoom account.

2) The teacher will get an email asking them to approve moving their account to the organization main account.

You are now set to go.

The teacher will be able to use their Zoom account seamlessly in your LMS setup.

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