Note: This article provides additional configuration options when using MEETS within the Moodle LMS.

By default, the LTI link in the LMS course opens a MEETS page unique to that course. 

Further by default, the MEETS landing page is the calendar page. This is the page a user sees when accessing MEETS.

MEETS offers custom parameters enabling the LTI button to link to another course's MEETS page, as well as have the LTI button open the integration platform to other pages, such as the recording or attendance page. 

This way, one can also have multiple courses share a MEETS platform that does not belong to any actual course. 

Common use cases applicable to Moodle:

  • One wishes to have an LTI link to recordings from the course given in previous years: Using LTI custom parameters, one can create an LTI button that is linked to the previous course's MEETS platform. One can also have that link open the recordings tab in MEETS by default making it faster and easier to find the recordings.
  • One wishes to have multiple courses share the same MEETS platform so that students from all courses can share the same web conferencing sessions.

In order to link to another course's MEETS interface: 

  1. Create an LTI link or edit settings for an existing LTI link (please see the Moodle LTI Installation Manual)
  2. In the General Settings section, click "Show more" and go to the "Custom parameters" section.
  3. Enter the course you wish to have this LTI button link to by adding the parameter of:
    override_context_id=<The ID of the course you wish to have it connect to>
    (The ID of the course in Moodle is the ID in the URL of the Moodle course page. For example, in the Moodle course with the following URL, the  Moodle ID is 35.  

You can also choose to link multiple courses to a virtual MEETS platform that is not connected to any actual Moodle course. To do so, create an ID that does not exist in Moodle. As Moodle uses numbers as the ID, you can choose a value that also contains letters. This way, the custom MEETS platform would never be confused with a MEETS platform of an actual course.

Enter the endpoint you wish to have the page open on by adding the parameter of:

endpoint=page:<endpoint of your choice>

For a list of the possible endpoints see the End Point section in the technical manual.

You can also have both parameters. Each parameter is on a separate line.


Here is a custom parameter set to have the LTI button open the MEETS platform of the course with the Moodle ID of 17, and to have that platform open on the "Recordings" tab.

The custom parameters to add would be: