MEETS can be configured to send students Email reminders about upcoming events and event changes.

  • Email reminders:  Students can subscribe to get personalized email reminders about upcoming web conferencing events to ensure they do not miss a session. Reminder emails come with an ICS attachment that can automatically populate your personal calendar with the event, if your email client has an integrated calendar that supports this feature. 
  • Scheduling changes: Students subscribing for this option, get automatic notifications when web conferencing events are scheduled, cancelled or their time changed. The platform tries to consolidate these emails in order not to overload your inbox, as several changes can occur within a short time.
  • Itinerary: Students can  subscribe to get an organized list of upcoming sessions.

Under "Account Settings", on the right hand side of the top panel, access the "Email" tab in the left-hand navigation panel.  


  1. Your identity e-mail address is the primary Email address in your learning management system. By default, notifications will be sent to this address (if enabled).
  2. This option allows you to select a different Email address in order to receive notifications. After specifying your preferred Email address, click "Send Verification". The verification Email will request you to enter your identity e-mail address (see section 1).

Email Subscriptions:

  1. Reminders: Check the box to subscribe for this service. Choose the amount of time that you wish to be reminded of before the session.
  2. Scheduling Changes: Check the box to subscribe for this service. Choose the time frame within which you wish to get notified of scheduled, rescheduled, or cancelled sessions within any of your courses or appointments that have been reserved in your appointment scheduler. You will not be emailed about changes that occur further into the future than the time frame specified.

  3. Itinerary: Check the box to subscribe for this service. Choose the frequency, and choose the time slot of your choice to receive the itinerary of the upcoming sessions.

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