You can setup your personal calendar to subscribe to upcoming sessions in MEETS, under your "Account Settings".

Supported calendar applications include Apple iPad / iPhone Calendar, Evolution, Google Calendar, One Calendar for Windows 10 (Account type: WebCal), Mozilla Thunderbird (with Lightning), Outlook for Windows (Home -> Add Calendar -> From Internet),, Zoho Calendar, and any other application which has subscription support for iCalendar / ICS / WebCal. Please note several applications claim to have support, but they do not actually work, such as AOL Calendar, KOrganizer and Yahoo! Mail.

When you click on the "Personal Calendar" tab on the navigation bar, you will be presented with a link to a personal iCalendar / ICS / WebCal feed. 

Paste this link into your calendar software subscription section. It is important to subscribe instead of performing a one time import, as the feed of your upcoming sessions changes over time.

If you are using a calendar application which can alert you when you have an event, you may want to forgo subscribing to Email reminders.

Some calendar software allows you to specify how often the feed should be refreshed, while others automatically update about once a day. If you subscribe to e-mails for scheduling changes, you may want to consider setting the change threshold to match your calendar feed update frequency.

The feed contains your next 500 events in MEETS. As the feed is solely for you, it is recommended not to share it with others.

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