CirQlive's Media Enhanced Education & Training Suite (MEETS) facilitates single sign on to Web Conferences, efficient scheduling, virtual office hours management, organization of attendance reporting and organization of the session recordings from within Learning Management Systems.

CirQlive's Media Enhanced Education & Training Suite (MEETS) integrates your web conferencing platform with your LMS making your online education efficient and effective. It offers features such as: 

  • Joining a web conference session with a single click

  • Easy and automatic access to the sessions recordings (if the recording service is offered)

  • Personalized office hour module

  • Syncing the session calendar with Gmail, Outlook and other calendars

  • Personalized  email reminders of sessions scheduled.

To enter MEETS, click the "MEETS" button that appears in your course menu or in the course navigation section. 

Note that your institution may have given the MEETS button a different name. If the button does not appear there, please contact your LMS support.

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Student Manual - Table of Contents

1. Using MEETS for Online Events

1.1. MEETS Landing Page Overview

1.2. Viewing Event Details

1.3. Joining Scheduled Events

2. MEETS Configuration Instructions

2.1. Personalization

2.2. Setting Up Email Reminders

2.3. Synchronizing MEETS with your Personal Calendar

3. Additional Modules and Features in MEETS

3.1. Appointment Booking in MEETS

3.2. Viewing Recorded Events

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