If you are an instructor for a GoToWebinar session on your own GoToWebinar account, you will see the “Host” button on the Event Calendar page.

If you are substituting for a teacher using their account, you will have the option to “Join” as a student or “Substitute” as a teacher.

When using GoToMeeting and GoToTraining, the “Host/Substitute”  buttons take you into the session as an instructor without needing to enter any data.

However, when using GoToWebinar, clicking on the “Host/Substitute” buttons will take you to a landing page requesting your GoToWebinar credentials, after which you can press the "Start" button to enter the session.

After having used GoToWebinar for the first time, the browser may remember you. Therefore, clicking “Host/Substitute”, will not ask you to log in, but rather take you to a GoToWebinar landing page with the “start” button on the top of page.

However, if you have previously used the browser to log into a GoToWebinar account, and now you are using that same browser to log in to a session with a different GoToWebinar account, you will get an error saying you are not the organizer. This is because GoToWebinar still identifies you as using your first GoToWebinar account.

Click on “Log Out” on the top right of the page. You will be taken to the login page as above. Log in with the appropriate account, and click the “Start” button as above to launch the session.