1) Overview

The Admin Panel enables you to create and manage administrators on the MEETS Admin Panel.

Click on the "Administrators" tab in the MEETS admin panel.

You will see the names and emails of the current MEETS admins, their last login times, their permissions, and their authentication factors.

2) Creating new administrators:

  1. Enter the administrator’s email address and name (1)
  2. Select the permission set for this administrator(2) as explained below
  3. Save (3). An email will be sent to the user to set up their account.

You can select the following Permissions for each administrator account:

Permission to manage other administrator accounts

Permission to manage MEETS instances

Permission to manage authentication sources

Permission to manage conferencing and SSO settings with MEETS

Permission to view site statistics and data for MEETS instances

Permission to manage content stored on CirQlive


3) Other actions:

 One can reset the admin's password by clicking on the password reset button

 One can edit the admin's name, email and permissions set by clicking on the edit button

 One can delete the admin by clicking on the delete button

4) Authentication factors:

Admins can add authentication factors to their login. Please see the article about the personal settings for the admin.

The "Authentication Factors" column displays the authentication factors that have been configured, and the amount of factors required for logging in.

The number appearing at the beginning is the amount of authentication factors required. After that is a list of the authentication factors that have been configured, PW for password, TOTP for Time-based One-Time Password, HW Key for hardware keys. An asterisk appears next to each factor that has been set to required. Next to HW Key is a number indicating how many keys have been configured.
In the example below, John Smith has one required authentication factor which is password. Ann Elkin has two required authentication factors, which must include password and a hardware key, of which five are configured, and Time-based One-Time Password is also configured.

If an admin configured their account to require authentication factors, as in the case of the 2nd admin above (Ann Elkin), an additional button, for removing the authentication requirements, will appear on their row in the administration section. If needed, for example in an event that the admin got locked out and is unable to use the authentication factors, an admin on the MEETS platform with permissions to manage other admins, can click on the button to remove the authentication requirements from this admin. 

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