Note: This article describes how to setup an integration for Learning Management Systems using LTI. If your LMS doesn't support LTI, please view the following article

The "Platform Connections" tab in the Admin Panel allows you to create and manage MEETS instances. Each instance has its unique key and secret, used to connect that MEETS instance to your Learning Management System.

You can create numerous MEETS instances and use each instance for your various LMS platforms (test, production,…).

Each MEETS instance can be configured with a different set of settings and user permissions.

Important: Do not use the same instance for two separate LMS platforms, as it will cause a database conflict.

To create a new MEETS instance:

  1. Click the "Platform Connections" tab in the Admin Panel menu
  2. Select your LMS security settings (default: lock icon). See Advanced Settings: LMS Security Settings for more information.
  3. Enter a name for this platform (e.g.: test, production,...)
  4. Enter the LMS URL. This field is optional. It is recommended for identifying the LMS platform connected to that MEETS instance.
  5. Select "Learning Tools Interoperability" for creating a LTI connection
  6. Select your LMS
  7. Select your settings for this MEETS instance (default: all icons highlighted except for the 3rd icon from the left, used for student platforms). See Advanced Settings: MEETS User Permissions for more information.
  8. Click the "Save" icon

Once you have saved your instance, you will receive the information for setting up this instance in your LMS.

For LMSs that support LTI 1.3, you will get the option to choose LTI 1.0/1 or 1.3

Important note: You can always retrieve this information by clicking on the "link" icon which appears upon saving your MEETS instance.

With this information, you can install the MEETS platform in your LMS. Please click here for the LMS installation manuals.

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