Webex Teams Sync enables enables users to synchronize Webex Teams with courses in the LMS.

In order to setup Webex Teams Sync:

  1. Create a Webex Teams Bot account.
    • Visit https://developer.webex.com/ and create a developer account or sign in if you already have an account.
    • Create a bot account on https://developer.webex.com/docs/bots, click on "create a bot".
    • You will be asked to give your Bot a name. This name will be shown to users when joining a Team. As an example, if a Bot is called "Team SynQ CirQlive1" then users will see messages like: "Team SynQ CirQlive1 (bot) wants to work with you on Cisco Teams". It is suggested you give the Bot a name related to your organization. As many staff members may use a single Bot, a generic name meaningful to your organization is important.
  2. Grab the API key it provided with the bot account, and enter it into your MEETS account using the WebEx Teams SynQ tab in the administration section. 
  3. Webex Teams SynQ is now enabled. Go to the MEETS page of any course, and have either the teacher or student click the Webex Teams SynQ button and they will be synchronized with the team for that particular course. They can launch the team for that course from its page in MEETS, or they can use the stand alone Webex Teams application provided by Cisco.