Setting up federated authentication with MEETS enables users to securely access meetings, using your organization's LDAP or SAML SSO service. 

Administrators can specify what capabilities to allow with these services, including:

  • Personal email subscriptions and calendar integration regarding upcoming events, which can include direct access links which require authentication.
  • Teachers/Instructors can generate links to join each event and/or view its recordings, and also specify when they will expire. Different levels of authentication are available.

Administrators can specify settings on each MEETS connection. Further, each connection can have multiple authentication services enabled for it. This allows using multiple authentication services, a primary authentication service as well as a backup service, or using a new authentication service while still transitioning away from an older one. 

To setup federated authentication:

  1. Access the Authentication tab in the MEETS Administrator Panel
  2. You will first need to setup your Sitewide Authentication service(s). The left-hand panel allows accessing your Sitewide Authentication service(s), as well as accessing specific settings for each connection.
  3. Add, modify and test additional authentication services. Authentication services are named by administrators, so administrative staff as well as ordinary users can identify them. Each authentication can be paused and re-enabled if you need to temporarily take a service offline.
  4. Access additional CirQlive Federated Authentication Manuals.

Accessing per-connection settings in the left-hand panel (2 - in the above screenshot), enables administrators to setup authentication requirements when generating meeting links. 

Please see the next article for more information regarding setting up per-connection settings.

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