When setting up an LTI tool in Canvas, the syntax of the Configuration URL can be edited to select one of the following options.

If you are setting up a MEETS instance using the MEETS Admin Panel, the generated Configuration URL will change according to your preferences below. You can then copy this Configuration URL into Canvas when setting up your LTI tool.

Automatic Propagation

Canvas offers two methods for placing LTI tools on the course page using the Configuration URL. You can choose your preferred method by changing the syntax of the Configuration URL.

The default Configuration URL will propagate the MEETS link to appear as an active link on every course page.

To not have the Configuration URL automatically propagate the MEETS link in every course page, select the checkbox "Do not display this LTI link in courses unless explicitly enabled" - as shown below. This will add the “&disabled” as a suffix to the Configuration URL and will have the MEETS link only appear in the Course Navigation. You can then manually add MEETS to the appropriate courses.

Renaming the LTI tool

Canvas also allows to name the LTI tool by editing the Configuration URL.

By default the Configuration URL will be set to have the LTI Tool appear as "MEETS" on the course page. If you would like a name other than MEETS to appear in your course, then change the word MEETS in the first textbox to the word of your choice.

You will notice the Configuration URL will now contain the name of your choice, and MEETS will now appear under this name in your Canvas course page.